Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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Q.How to register?
A.Please follow the guidance on “Easy Free Resister” on the TOP page and register with your e-mail address.
Q.I can’t register with my e-mail.
A.Some free mail address can not be accepted.
In case that you are not using such unacceptable free mail address and still not able to register, there is a possibility that that is due to your e-mail domain reception setting or the e-mail is already registered.
In case above, please set “” allowed by domain, create a new e-mail account and then try to register again.
Q.When can I register the home address?
A.You can register your home address after the account registration is done, or you can edit the address on “profile” on the “my page”, which will pop-up after you get prizes.
Please register in advance of delivery. If you changed the registered address, please inform us here.
Q.How much is 1 play?
A.Around 1,200 MP (= approx. 120 Japanese Yen) and more.
Please check out the “sale” cabinet time to time!
Q.There is no action by pressing buttons.
A.There is a possibility that that is due to the error of internet connection.
Please clear the cache of the browser.
Q.I want to correct the position of the prizes / I want to have the TAKOYAKI filled up.
A.Please inform us from “Inquiry Form”. We will handle it immediately.
Q.I can not press “Reserve” button.
A.You can not proceed to the next game when you have not registered your home address at “my page”.
Please register your home address on your “profile”.
Q.The player ahead of me has stopped but my turn has not come.
A.After 3 minutes with no action by the player ahead of you, it will be your turn.
Q.The MP vanishes.
A.Free points such as daily bonus will vanish after the respectively defined period.
The points provided everyday will vanish in 7 days.
Q.When can I expect the prizes delivered?
A.The prizes you got will be sent the Within 1 week usually.
The prizes will be delivered to your register address in 1week or 1 month at maximum, which may depend on the address.
Q.I have not received the prizes after the status has been “on the way”.
A.The delivery will require extra time in case of the non-standard-size.
Please inform us from “Inquiry Form” if you will not received in a week.
Q.What is “Net Catcher Group” ?
A.It is the name of service where you can play bunch of net catcher with one single ID.
Q.Is the net catcher group points able to use in common?
A.No. Those points can only be used to each respectively services.